Are you a fan of the casino memorabilia  OR limited edition coins? If so then these silver bullion coins or silver casino 'strikes' are the the ultimate gift  or addition to anyone's collection. 

This spectacular collection have been collected over the last 23 years and consists of 136 unique “One Troy Pound” Casino $200 Silver Strikes :

  • 1 masterpiece minted in only 3 copies in the World 

  • 2 masterpieces each minted in only 4 copies in the World 

  • 18 strikes with the “0001” serial on the edge 

  • 4 unique error/variation coins 

  • 1 prototype coin 

  • All 136 different coins have a 8.92 cm diameter size, each made of 1 troy Pound (12 ounces/340 grams) of .999+ fine silver and most of the oldest strikes are 24 karat gold HGE and serial numbered! 

What is a $200 Casino Gaming Token? 

The definition is a Limited Edition Silver Token won from slot

machines placed in a protective plastic holder. Some call them

"Silver Premium Tokens", but most  call them "Silver Strikes". 

$200 strikes have been removed from play for some time,

as they were issued during a period of 15 years in many casinos

throughout the United States (most of them from Nevada) and

minted in short limited edition by the Continental Coin

Corporation, the Global Minting, the Green Duck Corporation,

the Sunshine Mint or the Roger Williams Mint manufacturers.

The first of these strikes were won from slot machines in Las

Vegas Nevada in 1995 and the last $200 limited edition was

minted in 2010. 

The $200 strikes are a coin of 8.92 cm diameter size and are made of 1 troy Pound (12 ounces) of pure .999 fine Silver and may have some 24K Heavy Gold Electroplating, or for the newer RWM mint strikes may have laser colorization. 

Why this Unique Collection is a Great Investment?

The World’s Rarest “$200 Casino Gaming Silver Tokens” collection is imbued with exclusivity and rarity that makes it priceless. However, when you purchase a collection, you want to ensure that the item will retain its monetary value. Whatever the collection you are buying, there are certain factors like the rarity, preciosity, exploitability or re-saleability, will ensure your collection remains valuable forever. Obviously this unique collection match all these 5 factors: 

  • Rarity: No one else in the world owns all the 25 exclusive pieces listed above, representing together more than 80% of the whole collection value and the 3 masterpieces represent themselves a ⅓ of the value! 


  • Preciosity: Precious metal like gold and silver have been in high demand for centuries, regardless of the economic factors that were taking place in society. This high demand helps your collection remain valuable since precious metal can be melted and refashioned to make new pieces, precious metal value remains always high. 


  • Exploitability: The ”Las Vegas” name itself is a powerful marketing tool, so you’ll be perfectly able to lease this collection to be exposed during special events in casinos, commercial centers, museums etc... 

  • Re-saleability: Like any unique collection in the world, its value will continue to grow over time and exponentially to his attraction interest! Guaranteed you a high return on your initial investment by the possibility to resell it to any interested buyer (High net worth individuals, Casino groups, Cruise lines, Collectors or Investors...)All 136   strikes are different + pictures of the whole collection can be viewed here.   


All 136   strikes are different + pictures of the whole collection can be viewed here.   




There is no other Collection like this in the World

Own it Now! 

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