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Whether you're a high roller or simply a Poker enthusiast, Poker is one of those card games that has seen a meteoric rise in popularity in recent years but it's not just the game that attracts attention!

In destinations like Macau and Vegas, casinos attract lots of tourists and locals every day. FTN News reports that there is a correlation between casinos and tourism, with Sin City's casino tourism skyrocketing to 40 million tourists in 2016 alone. The tourism generated by these casinos also positively affects other businesses in the area, making them some of the most popular destinations in the world – you only have to look at Monte Carlo, for an example of this. Fortunately, traveling has become easier now as lockdown restrictions are being lifted and international borders start to reopen. Seasoned travelers can expect to get out more in the upcoming year and what better way to do so than going all out by staying in 5-star hotels like the Waldorf Astoria. For casino enthusiasts, it may be a goal to jet set across the world to visit some of the best and most notable casinos for the experience of playing popular games like poker. Often these establishments have their own separate areas for the card match, so if you want to experience the felt at the height of luxury, here are just some of the most well-crafted poker rooms worth your time:

Borgata Hotel Casino and Spa Poker Room

Kicking off this list is a favorite of east coast natives. Located in Atlantic City, the Borgata Hotel is noted as a staple destination for poker enthusiasts. What sets this place apart from other poker rooms is its architecture and design. The interior includes marble walls and ionic columns. There are also spectacular artwork collections decorating the room, making for an eye-catching area. The open flow of the room and bright lights also make for a comfortable playing environment for those who are planning to spend a while there. Not only is it a luxurious area to play poker, but the interior of the room certainly makes it a noteworthy place to visit.

Rio All-Suite Hotel & Casino Poker Room

Hailing in what used to be the casino capital of the world, Las Vegas, the Rio Hotel is another entry on this list that many players will appreciate. Avid players might find this place familiar because the World Series of Poker (WSOP) has been traditionally held here. It is one of the most-watched poker tournaments in the world where pros from different countries challenge the best of the best. It is held in the summer months, which is the slowest season for the city. The room itself is sleek and understated, with tan ergonomic chairs and classically designed tables, highly contrasting the flashy Vegas streets. It is spacious and has everything you will ever need from a poker room. It’s the perfect destination for those who are looking to go somewhere classy while playing with high rollers, and for those who want to experience what the pros playing the WSOP undergo.

Casino Regina Poker Room

A little bit further beyond, away from the popular poker and casino areas is an understated gem. We're talking about Canada. In fact, it hosts many great gaming locations, and the Casino Regina just might be the most notable one. The most interesting thing about this poker room is the presence of stained-glass panels showcasing different scenes featuring playing card-inspired characters. They are an expertly crafted addition to the quintessential design of the room. The poker room is reminiscent of the areas people play high-stakes poker in movies, making it interesting to look at and be in. The atmosphere and look of a poker room contribute highly to the experience of playing the game. Avid card player or not, a visit to a well-crafted poker room always makes for great memories. And with traveling opening up, now is the time to take your supercar out of the garage and pack your McLaren GT luggage.


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