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Roger Dubuis unveils the Excalibur Single Flying Tourbillon - Shooting Star for adventurous ladies in shades of blue, pink and white.

This is the first skeleton flying tourbillon to be displayed in such a small size piece, this Excalibur 36mm is the perfect illustration of Roger Dubuis’ ability to build the impossible. Convinced that women are just as eager as men to wear daring and technical caliber, Roger Dubuis watchmakers worked for two years to develop this small size incredible tourbillon.

Each of the Excalibur 36 Shooting Star watches come with a 36-mm case, which contains a mechanical caliber that is self winding and delivers a power reserve of up to 60 hours. Shooting stars crafted with 18k white or pink gold with diamonds studded on their long tails are the central element of each watch, and they deliver an elegant and sophisticated look to the dial of the timepieces. Importantly the stars are set against mother-of-pearl, blue PVD or pink varnishing to create three distinct models with unique combinations of colors.

Carrying the iconic astral signature enhanced by a rocking shooting star, it is the starting point of a new way to consider watchmaking for ladies. Each watch interpretation is limited to just 8 pieces.

For more information visit: Roger Dubuis


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