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Nestled on Namibia's Skelton Coast around the enigmatic shipwrecks that line the shoreline is Shipwreck Lodge a luxury retreat like nowhere else on Earth.

A harsh environment this raw, rugged and impossibly remote slice of African wilderness, that has borne the names “The Land God Made in Anger” or “The Gates of Hell” where towering dunes and wind-swept plains roll as far as the eye can see, buffeted by the icy Atlantic seas seems an odd location to place such an exclusive luxury retreat, but it is in fact this unique blend of isolation and adventure that makes this resort so appealing.

Surprisingly the Skeleton Coast is an area known for its extraordinary wildlife sightings although rare. First up are the desert-adapted elephant, digging deep beneath the sand for the last vestiges of water. Then, making use of the wells left behind by the pachyderms are giraffe, lion and baboon, and perhaps even a brown hyaena or two. There are also thousands of plants and insects that flourish in the sand, surviving from the moisture of the cold fog that drifts inland from the ocean. Incredible stuff – but that’s not all.

Marine life positively thrives, feeding off the nutrients in the Atlantic, and the most iconic species are the Cape fur seals that line the rocky shoreline in large colonies. Birdlife is also prolific and you should most certainly pack your binos for Rüppell’s korhaans and Benguela long-billed larks. Further toward the coast, you should also be able to spot tractrac chats, as well as jaegers and skuas around the seal colonies.

Accommodation is provided in the form of ten luxurious and eco-friendly cabins resembling shipwrecks. In the centre of the camp, you’ll find an equally as innovately designed lounge and restaurant with a wide, wraparound deck and uninterrupted views across the sand all the way to the Atlantic Ocean.

During your stay, you’ll be able to explore the nearby dry riverbeds and interior dunes, learn about the history of the shipwrecks, and see the unusual plants and lichens that thrive on the foggy coast.

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