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Raise your standards and sail above the waves at 40 knots in full comfort. With an avant-garde propulsion system the FOILER is redefining sailing and day cruising.

An impressively styled blend of hybrid diesel-electric propulsion with a retractable hydrofoil system that, quite literally, elevates the luxury yacht above the waves is a radical evolution from any regular yacht. The hydro-foiling system, enabling the boat to fly 1.5m above the water, provides an unmatched experience, where speed and reactivity are the centrepieces.

In hydrofoil mode the yacht can purportedly cruise comfortably through waves up to 1.5 m (4.9 ft) high while maintaining stability for passengers who don't want to spill their champagne.

Referred to as “the flying yacht” the FOILER made its world debut at the 2018 Dubai International Boat Show. Its fully carbon fibre hull is designed not only for a 007 look, but is also promised for easier take-off, a smooth landing, and comfortable sailing without using the foils.

The yacht reportedly has a 40-knot top speed with the United Arab Emirates-based builder claiming that the FOILER virtually eliminates seasickness for guests, even in choppy waters. Its two 320hp hybrid engines give the FOILER the speed and power needed, while also being able to cruise in full electric mode, and reduce the overall fuel consumption by 20% over a traditional yacht.

The yacht’s hybrid propulsion also has less environmental impact than a diesel-only yacht and, at hydro-foiling speeds, has a reported 20 percent better fuel efficiency. Her decreased drag from a traditional yacht also contributes to that number. Hydro-foiling speeds start at 18 knots with cruising leveling off at 30 knots, at which point the yacht will reportedly be able to travel 130 nautical miles off her 300-liter (79-gallon) fuel tank.

Enata says that at 20 knots, the yacht will travel 260 nautical miles. And for those who will be behind the wheel, the builder says that “it’s easier to drive than a regular yacht as there is no lag between the steering wheel and the FOILER turning similar to a comfortable sports car.”

Delivery of the FOILER takes as little as 12 months after ordering

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Images and video provided courtesy of Enata


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