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In a forest rich with flora that has thrived for millions of years, within the lush green expanse of a working tea plantation, One&Only Nyungwe House in Rwanda is a serene haven of indulgence where you can disconnect from the outside world and immerse yourself in life’s passions and fascinations.

Take a walk in the thick of the wilderness, as majestic mahoganies, giant ferns and delicate orchids magically surround you. Encounter the rare Mangabey monkey, lively in its own playground, and cheer as you capture a rare butterfly in flight. From the dazzling heights of a canopy walk, to the thrilling trails of a mountain bike adventure, immerse yourself in nature from every angle and soak up the knowledge of those who know it best.

Then retreat to a place where enchanting experiences are curated just for you, from evening drinks by the bonfire and grand feasts below mountain vistas, to soothing African inspired spa therapies, and atmospheric movie nights under the stars.

An Un-rivalled Location

Imagine a place immersed in a natural beauty. Remote; one-of-a-kind; where the world’s best kept secrets become yours to behold. Where once-in-a-lifetime moments are curated especially for you, inspired by the land, the wildlife and the people, and where every creature-comfort is at your fingertips. This is a journey few will ever take – This is ONE&ONLY NYUNGWE HOUSE

Set on the edge of the Nyungwe Forest in Rwanda’s mountainous southwest, a haven for primates in Africa’s largest mountain rainforest, the One&Only Nyungwe House nestles in a paradise for primates. This mountain lodge has been designed to blend in harmoniously with its natural environment. Situated in Gisakura bordering the Nyungwe National Park, which is a working tea plantation yet its offerings are distinctly modern with every comfort you could ever need or desire, the Nyungwe Forest represents the largest mountain rainforest in Africa and is home to over 13 different species of primates.


Every breath-taking room and suite has been architecturally designed to blend seamlessly with the unique landscape, to respect the environment, and perfectly frame the best aspects of Nyungwe Forest’s natural beauty. As the flurry of nature unfolds around you, you remain continually connected to the surroundings with an emphasis on indoor/outdoor living. Spacious furnished balconies open up to the lush flora, with mesmerising forest views and aspects over the fascinating working tea plantation.

• 22 luxury rooms and suites and situated in six stunning wooden villas.

• All designed to frame nature, with exceptional views of the Nyungwe Forest.

• Open fireplaces in each and every room and suite.

• Private decks offer all guests extraordinary private spaces to watch the wildlife.

• Interiors and artwork is inspired by the natural beauty and traditions of Rwanda.

Dining with all Five Senses

Restaurants offer an array of local and international cuisine – as well as a variety of special dining venues, including:

• From stunning sunrise breakfasts that prepare you for a day of discovery, to leisurely all day à la carte brunches served in bed or out amongst the wilderness, nutritious and indulgent options are always on the menu.

• Lunches are often served ‘on-the-go’, but our picnics are truly something to behold. With beautifully-set tables and fresh local ingredients expertly prepared and creatively presented, they’re just another reason to say ‘wow’.

• From tempting nibbles around the bonfire and sociable grand feasts amongst the flora, to private dinners in a treehouse or secluded oasis, you’ll never have the same experience twice, here or anywhere else on the planet.


Being at one with nature sits hand in hand with an ethos of personal wellness. Whether you wish to enhance your healthy lifestyle, or delve into a new world of spiritual and physical development, there’s no better place to practice wellness than at the ONE&ONLY NYUNGWE HOUSE

• Savour mouth-watering, organic, garden-to-plate menus designed with exceptional nutritional value.

• Unwind with al fresco yoga, before inspiring vistas.

• Work up a sweat in a gym carved from nature’s own landscape.

• Indulge in holistic therapies, such as Rwandan-inspired spa treatments, offered in the warm open air.

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