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IT'S HERE!!! For fashionista's and sneaker'heads the latest collaboration between Adidas and Prada has felt like a long time coming ...

The 50year old silhouette of Adidas has become cult classic over the years, and to reflect this style icon Prada, surprisingly have decided to keep its design, clean, crisp and white.

For fashion fans who want the world to know that are wearing Prada - a large embossed

Prada "made in Italy" is visible on the side of the stark design on bold black lettering.

Limited to just 700 pairs, information on pricing has not yet been made available but in addition to the sneakers a large version of Prada’s bowling bag tote, also in white leather has been released

Both items will be available in select Prada and Adidas stores as well as online on December 4.


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