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Bulgarian developer and manufacturer of electric hypercars ALIENO has unveiled its second hypercar model named UNUM which it claims is faster that a Bugatti Chiron!

Dubbed Unum which means one in Latin, the electric hypercar's design looks very similar to that of a Lamborghini with the company describing it as “a two-door, two-seater robotic electric hypercar” with the same “alien” technologies as its predecessor, the Arcanum.

According to the type of its drive and control, ALIENO UNUM is available in the following 2 packages: THF driven and controlled with electricity and TRS driven and controlled with electricity and air.

  • THF stands for “The Heavenly Founder” and actually represents the ALIENO technology for drive and control with electricity.

  • TRS stands for “The Rocket Successor” and represents advanced ALIENO technology for drive and control with electricity and air, whose debut is precisely in the UNUM model.

Based on their power, ALIENO UNUM THF is available in the following 4 versions: RP5 with power of 5221 hp, RP4 with power of 4351 hp, RP3 with power of 3481 hp and RP2 with power of 2610 hp. Where RP stands for “Raw Power”, while the corresponding number after it (5, 4, 3, 2) shows the approximate power of the version in thousands of horsepower.

Alieno predicts a top speed of well above 310 miles per hour (500 kilometres per hour).

ALIENO UNUM THF has an innovative ALIENO chassis, built entirely from pre-preg carbon-fiber, kevlar/aramid and aluminum honeycomb core and consists of monocoque, front and rear subframes. The bottom is further reinforced with pre-preg carbon-kevlar. There are structural reinforcements and crumple/deformation zones from pre-preg carbon-kevlar for front, rear, side, upper and lower impacts, as well as front and rear pre-preg carbon-kevlar crash structures. In addition to its low weight, safety and strength, the chassis also features maximum torsional rigidity and allows the construction of a lightweight and aerodynamic shape of the exterior.

All core nodes (elements) of the car are robotic and are regulated electronically.

The exterior is built completely from ALIENO robotic pre-preg carbon-kevlar panels.

ALIENO UNUM THF has two ALIENO robotic pre-preg carbon-kevlar Butterfly wing doors, ALIENO robotic intelligent air conditioning system, ALIENO aerodynamic side digital mirrors, ALIENO front and rear adaptive matrix LED lights and ALIENO robotic pre-preg carbon-kevlar wheels. It is equipped with ALIENO pre-preg carbon-kevlar, fully air-conditioned, fully electrically-adjustable and with memory robotic sports and racing seats with memory foam, leather and Alcantara. It also has an ALIENO quick release, pre-preg carbon-kevlar racing type steering wheel with fully electrically-adjustable memory robotic steering column and robotic pedal box, as well as ALIENO robotic power steering with variable ratio, speed sensitive and mode selectable.

ALIENO UNUM THF can be equipped with few different versions of the interior, details of which will be further revealed. Among them, there are futuristic designs, as well as more moderate and classic designs, which will be available for all other models of ALIENO. The goal is to provide optimal choice for each customer, as when it comes to the interior space of the car, where the ALIENO customer will spend most of his time, he is not restricted with only one interior, that he may not like, but has the option to choose from few different ones, according to his own personal preferences. The interior is made from ALIENO pre-preg carbon-kevlar details, leather and Alcantara.

The technologies from UNUM THF are available for all other ALIENO models, all of which have unique and different exterior design, with which ALIENO aims to cover all major design styles, rather than being limited to one of them. The goal here again is to cover all preferences of the customers, rather than be limited to only one exterior design, which is not suitable for the taste of everyone.

The electric-only Alieno Unum price ranges from €1.8 - €2.7 million for the basic model and €3-4.5 million for the higher level with the car expected to be available from 2025.


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