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The Neo Bridges Aston Martin Edition marks the fifth collaborative timepiece with Swiss watchmaker Girard-Perregaux's and the latest edition to his Bridges collection..

In 2021, Girard-Perregaux was announced as the Official Watch Partner of the ultra-luxury British brand Aston Martin. Two years later the pair have collaborated again for a fifth time with The Neo Bridges Aston Martin Edition.

Set to captivate motorsport and watch enthusiasts alike The Neo Bridges Aston Martin Edition is driven by the passion of both parties to push the performance envelope in terms of design and watchmaking expertise. It contemporary and seamlessly blends beauty and engineering to deliver breathtaking performance.

The Neo Bridges Aston Martin Edition, a watch that perpetuates some of the design ideas found on former collaborative watches, also delivers a new, fresh-faced appearance, suffused with considered details.

It eschews a conventional dial to reveal its inverted movement, the Calibre GP08400-2164, a configuration that brings components usually found to the rear of the watch, relocating them to the front. Upholding the spirit of the Bridges collection, the functional components on this model contribute to its overall visual allure. The Neo-shaped bridges support the gear train and balance and the wearer is invited to witness several parts in conversation, working together to impart time. Upholding Girard-Perregaux tradition, the arrangement of movement components confers symmetry, thereby delivering a harmonious appearance.

The lightweight case, measuring 45mm in diameter, is formed of titanium dressed in a suit of black DLC. Effortlessly stylish, it plays a deferential role to the watch’s display, allowing both static and dynamic movement components the opportunity to shine. Power is a prerequisite for performance, something that is evident within any creation bearing the names Aston Martin and Girard-Perregaux. A barrel, effectively the fuel tank of the watch, is positioned at 1.30. It’s supported by a black openworked bridge and bears the name of the Swiss Manufacture.

When designing the barrel and micro-rotor bridges, the joint creative team took inspiration from the brakes which are revealed behind Aston Martin DB12’s spoked wheels, showcasing sharper lines and extra openings. Colour is a useful means of accentuating shapes, imbuing sculptural forms with light and shade, emotion and passion. Appraising the Neo Bridges Aston Martin Edition, brushed greys, vibrant rubies, brooding blacks and silver-coloured wheels unite to impart time while simultaneously stirring the soul. Most notably, the Aston Martin Green Neo Bridges reveal different tones as they engage with light.

Scheduled fo release in December 2023, The Neo Bridges Aston Martin Edition is limited to just 250 pieces with a price tag of $37,700


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