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Bitlux, private jet charter explains the benefits of private air travel at a time when families want to reunite ...

There is no doubt that the 2020 Thanksgiving will be different from any other in the past. Usually, packed airports around the country and last-minute flights are the norm, although ever since the pandemic arrived, air transportation witnessed an abrupt halt. As restrictions are being lifted in some states and, paired with the need of people seeing their families across country in such challenging times, passengers are looking for options to travel for the holiday weekend.

One catch though, operations of commercial flights are still in record lows and it is projected that this trend will not change in time for the 2020 Thanksgiving. Passengers still want to avoid infection.

Reliable private aviation arises as a natural option thanks to a handful of variables. It is not uncommon to see these days more private jets in the skies than large commercial aircraft. The reason? Private aviation is safer as it has far less touchpoints in the process, thus avoiding potential infection with the virus. It allows to choose who joins you in the cabin, the pre-departure process only lasts 15 minutes, you can land at the closest airstrip to destination, and, most importantly, availability is high. Passengers manage to a large extent their travel experience.

What about the price? Well, that will depend on the route and aircraft. Although it might be cheaper than most people think. Private jet charter providers like BitLux pair each client with the best available aircraft considering the route, amount of passengers and budget. For instance, for a trip lasting three hours or less, the cost-efficient option would be chartering a turboprop instead of a jet. Passengers will still experience private aviation’s wide array of amenities in a comfortable aircraft and almost at half the price.

For longer coast to coast trips, the obvious option would be a jet, although it is advisable that passengers, especially first-time fliers, search for serious and experienced charter solution companies to find the perfect option for their travel needs.

Rise of first-time travelers

This new scenario, uncertainty surrounding infection and lack of commercial operations, has increased the amount of first-time private jet travelers. Yes, private aviation has also been affected by the pandemic, as there have been less motives to travel overall (no board meetings, sporting events, weddings), nevertheless, those in real need to travel in a safe and reliable manner, have opted to charter a private aircraft.

And now, with a real motivation to reunite with the family, and with commercial aviation still surrounded by questions, private jet providers are in a prime position to demonstrate the real value of this segment. Kyle Patel, CEO of Palm Beach-based BitLux, shared that the amount of bookings for the 2020 Thanksgiving have maintained the numbers of previous years, which is astonishing considering the turmoil surrounding air transportation these days.

“We have all gone through very tough times during this past year and reuniting with the family will give everyone some much needed rest, relaxation and quality time with loved ones. Private aviation can play an important role in granting people an opportunity for normality, allowing a safe and flexible flight to any city in the United States or abroad to experience the Thanksgiving that everyone deserves”, concluded Patel.

Whether it’s a flight from Miami to New York or any other destination in the country, private aviation will be available for families to reunite and enjoy a somewhat normal Thanksgiving, thus pumping the breaks, at least for a while, from a crazy 2020.

BitLux provides various services across the air charter industry, but Executive Travel is one that is closest to heart. Whether you are flying for business or leisure, BitLux provides a top tier private jet service that actively exceeds expectations.


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