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Canadian start-up Horizon Aircraft’s new eVTOL the Cavorite X5 prototype is by far one of the most stunning eVTOLs released thus far who wouldn’t look out of place on the set of a Michael Bay movie..

Named after the H.G Wells’ 1901 book The First Men in the Moon the Cavorite X5 started out as something completely different – a project to create a modern high-lift, hybrid-electric cargo version of the amphibious Republic RC-3 SeaBee sport plane. But father-and-son team Brian and Brandon Robinson quickly realized that adding a vertical lift system would make for a long-range, high-speed air taxi design that could offer a ton of operational flexibility.

Featuring a hybrid power system the five seater flying machine can achieve cruise speeds of up to 350 km/h, traveling as far as 500 kilometers while carrying cargo or passengers or an impressive 1000 kilometers or 625 miles without but this is not your standard eVTOL, it has a patents-pending wing system, a fan-in-wing design, that promises “highly efficient operational flight” which when taking off and landing open up to reveal a hidden set of ducted fans that allow the craft to function as a 16-rotor, multicopter then once in forward flight, the wings close up and offer the same aerodynamic performance as any other plane.

Currently the Cavorite X5 is still in concept stage, but Horizon is working on a 1:6 scale version to begin testing its systems and software, and plans to have a half-scale machine built in the next 12 months. If all goes to plan Horizon hopes to commence production in 2024

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