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Inspired by the first-ever concept car — Harley Earl’s Buick Y-Job from 1938 — the Pulse is a statement which combines the technical marvel of motoring engineering converting a road-going vehicle into a flying machine ...

To celebrate Embraer's 50th anniversary the brand imagines what the next 50 years of private aviation might look like with a design concept which allows passengers to seemless travel between land and air safety within a glass pod

Inside the pod, there is ample space for several passengers, as shown in the video below, and the entire glass pod is designed to be capable of interacting as a tpuch activated command centre and glass window providing astonishing views. For air travel, the pod takes flight in a vertical takeoff and landing aircraft, inspired more by bird than machine. On the ground, the pod is transferred to an unmanned ground vehicle, creating a seamless transportation loop, moving occupants from air to ground without disturbance.

Currently the Pulse is only a concept, and there’s no telling whether we’ll ever see something like this by 2070 – or at all but it is exciting to see what the future may have ins tore for us!


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