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Italian firm Lazzarini Design Studio has been inspired by the 1950’s Ferrari to create this stunning new Flying car concept called FD-One…

Lazzarini Design Studio has a reputation for making the impossible – possible, coming up with conceptual ideas for cars, yachts and aircraft that stand out for their looks as well as being able to blend vintage elements within futuristic architectures.

More recently, Lazzarini unveiled FD-One, which stands for Formula Drone One. A two-seat passenger flying vehicle that promises to deliver both on performance and aesthetics with a retro-futuristic look.

Taking inspiration from the 1950’s Ferrari-designed Formula 1 race cars this flying machine pays homage to the 70-year-old racers but with an updated twist with the wheels replaced with propellers. In fact the FD-One is actually a tri-copter powered by a hybrid system that combines both electric motors with a V12 gasoline engine. In fact the FD-One is powered by 6 electric motors: 4 in the front and 2 in the back, situated near the propellers and with an all-carbon fibre body weighing just 1,984 pounds the FD Once can soar through the skies at speeds of up to 310 mph, according to the designers for up to 3hours.

At present the FD-One is just a concept, but it’s a concept that Lazzarini believes can be made into a reality with the design studio looking for investors to help fund the building of a prototype.

Photo Credit: Lazzarini Design Studio


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