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Flying cars are every where at the moment and as the race to create the first production model steps up Firenze Lanciare have unveiled a hypercar version which on the ground is faster than a Lamborghini and in the air cruises at an impressive 500 mph ...

Developed by former F-18 carrier jet pilot Greg Brown, the Firenze Lanciar concept looks like a something out of a modern sci-fi movie powered by a pair of Williams FJ-33 jet engines its retractable wings that measure 27-foot wingspan when extended help carry the vehicle roughly 850 miles at a crushing speed of 520mph.

On the ground powered by two electric Tesla engines it can out-accelerate a Lamborghini reaching 0-60 mph in less than four seconds.

Inside the cabin there’s room to sit four and as one would expect it comes with all the luxury trimmings and finishes you expect in a multi-million vehicle. It would also be pressurized, and noise- and sound-insulated.

Firenze estimates the construction of the first concept at $ 20-40 million, with plans to sell 10 limited edition units for $ 5-7 million.


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