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Cirrus Aircraft have unveiled the next generation of the Vision Jet – ‘G2’ an upgraded version of world’s first single-engine Personal Jet boasting enhanced performance, comfort, speed and range.

The G2 Vision Jet goes higher, faster and farther. An expanded flight envelope to Flight Level 310 (31,000 ft) raises the performance and capabilities of the all new aircraft. This new access to Reduced Vertical Separation Minimum (RVSM) flight levels now increases the Vision Jet’s range to over 1,200nm. On a typical mission, G2 now provides increased flexibility to carry an additional 150 lb on an 800 NM mission and pushes top cruise speed even further above 300kts. 

The G2 Vision Jet introduces the ‘Perspective Touch+’ by Garmin (pronounced “Perspective Touch Plus”) advanced flight deck. With new hardware, faster processing speeds and greater screen resolution, Perspective Touch+ elevates the Vision Jet flight deck to a new level. Typically found on high-end business jets and commercial transport aircraft, Autothrottle is now available on G2. This game-changing technology integrates with the autopilot and can automatically adjust the aircraft’s speed for each phase of flight, reducing workload and giving the pilot more time to focus on other tasks.

New Flight Stream capabilities simplify the pilot’s experience by creating connectivity between your personal mobile device and the flight deck – enabling a wide range of wireless enhancements including flight plan transfers, database updates, text messaging and more.

Collectively, these new G2 features add to the class-leading capabilities of the Vision Jet flight deck including 3D Synthetic Vision, SurfaceWatchTM, integrated crew alerting, datalink weather, active weather radar, ADS-B, satellite communications, system synoptics and more. Upgraded Intelligent Batteries from True Blue Power® round out enhancements delivering improved cold start capabilities. 

Designed around the personal travel experience, the G2 Vision Jet cabin raises the bar in comfort, spaciousness and productivity. A new executive seating configuration adds sophistication with two luxurious, artisan-crafted second row seats and an all-new center console with stow-away tables for a more productive in-flight experience. Enhancing the cabin environment, newly-developed noise reduction features have been thoughtfully engineered into G2. These improvements build upon the unrivaled spaciousness and panoramic views, the hallmarks of the Vision Jet design.  

The G2 Vision Jet’s is priced from $2.38 million and like the original version of the Vision Jet it comes equipped with a full-aircraft parachute.


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