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The vehicles of Star Trek just became a little more realistic with the flying taxi "Skai" the world's first hydrogen fuel cell powered VTOL.

Massachusetts start up Alaka'i Technologies an emerging air mobility design and manufacturing company has unveiled the new Skai which claims to be the world’s first hydrogen fuel cell powered vertical take-off and landing (VTOL) air vehicle.

Using 6 electric motors Skai offers an amazing 400-mile range and will be able to fly non-stop for up to four hours. It can refuel in approx 10 minutes. The aircraft designed by BMW Designworks has large windows giving passengers an excellent view and will be able to carry up to five people or a maximum payload of 1,000lbs.

Alaka’i Technologies claims that using fuel cells and the technology used in their aircraft creates a much simpler vehicle and is planning its first test flight sometime in 2019 near its headquarters in Massachusetts.

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