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There isn’t a week that goes by without some new way of booking a private flight popping up claiming to make chartering a jet as easy as swiping right but for the average traveller do you really know what you're getting into?

What about the personal touch, what about building a relationship and more importantly what about customer service? We all know that chartering a jet is not the cheapest method of transport and for those who spend their hard earnt cash travelling via this method surely knowing that there is a voice at the end of the phone to ensure everything runs smoothly or in the case or an emergency is there to lend a helping hand offers peace of mind and Supreme Jets does all this plus more.

Need to charter an aircraft to some far flung destination at a moments notice or hop across country for a business meeting Supreme Jets are just a phone call away on call day or night and with a commitment to safety, service and discretion it is this service that sets Supreme Jets apart from other brokers.

A dynamic luxury, business travel platform Supreme Jets don't just guarantee to offer the lowest prices available by comparing quotes from 1000's of safety accredited aircraft they also makes luxury travel a simple, transparent and an easy process offering the ultimate in luxury, convenience and choice, so no matter what type of charter aircraft you need, when or where you need it, they can help you.

Attractively priced compared its competitors, why not fly Private at Business Class Prices. Fly with Supreme Jets & Join the revolution.

For further information visit Supreme Jet's website here -


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