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Global private jet provider BitLux shares some thoughts on why private aviation can take your family holiday to a whole new level, thanks to its safety procedures and extreme flexibility...

Flexibility and comfort lead the large list of amenities provided by private aviation, two traits that flawlessly adapt to the needs of a family holiday; from landing in places where commercial airlines cannot to the possibility of last-minute changes in itinerary, private aviation is second to none.

There is a misconception that private aviation is a luxury reserved only for businessmen with the need to make meetings and reducing transportation times to the minimum. Well, it is also called business aviation for a reason… Nevertheless, at a global scale, private aviation is used for leisure purposes as well, a segment which has increased its use thanks to competitive prices (sometimes the same as fist-class commercial for large groups), extreme flexibility and comfort.

Long haul private jet flights

If a family would like to book a long flight, say from Hawaii to Singapore, or Honolulu International Airport to Changi Airport to be more precise, they only would need to go online and ask for an instant quote. At BitLux it is as simple as that. It can be booked last minute as well, although we always advise our clients to book with at least three days before the flight to offer the best available aircraft for the specific route. And in this case, a 15-hour flight needs a precise long-range aircraft like the Global 6000.

The flight will not be shared with other passengers, even if it is a flight for 6 in an aircraft arranged for 19, and the inflight amenities are 100% customizable; from the menu, the possibility to fly with pets inside the cabin, internet, to having the services of a flight attendant. Furthermore, the need to arrive three hours prior to the flight is not necessary when flying private, you can get to the private terminal (not the crowded airport terminal) just 10 minutes before your trip and then walk straight to your jet after a quick check-in process.

On demand private jet

Private aviation knows no limits towards exotic destinations; a feature that cannot be said by commercial airlines. The possibility to land in almost every runway in the world, opening travel paths for people in remote locations, is what make this service thrive. Landing in reduced airstrips, in remote islands or close to mountain ranges makes private aviation second no none. This reduces the need for ground transportation after arriving to destination and more importantly, not wasting precious time thanks to the possibility to land at domestic and regional terminals.

Experiencing work-from-hotel packages

Hyatt’s “Work From Hyatt” program has led the way in the hospitality industry nationwide, with packages starting at $139 per night with a minimum stay of five nights at more than 400 locations in the world. Marriott responded with its “Day, Stay and Play Passes”, with no minimum stay and multi-day packages designed for the entire family, with dedicated spaces for working. Worthy of mention are also the “WorkSpaces by Hilton” packages, offering a day rate for travelers seeking a comfortable space for their tasks, removed from their home-office distractions.

BitLux provides various services across the air charter industry, but Executive Travel is one that is closest to heart. Whether you are flying for business or leisure, BitLux provides a top tier private jet service that actively exceeds expectations.

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