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Fun, compact and easy to fly the ICON A5 looks set to shake up the aviation industry ....

The ICON A5 is certainly a game changer in recreational sports flying industry, this compact, sexy amphibious lights sports aircraft (LSA), has been created for those who have always dreamed of flying but don’t want the expense or hassle of having to undertake endless flying lessons with the typical training process practically half the time and price of what is required for a standard pilot’s license.

Created by former fighter pilot Kirk Hawkins and Steen Strand, the ICON A5 is marketed predominantly as a “lifestyle product” and not a private plane and we can see why, the single-engine prop plane has wings you can sunbathe on and a diving platform for swimming after the plane arrives at its beach destination, useful, post-landing recreational amenities are not something one usually finds on private airplanes!

Both simple and complex in its design, the wings can be folded quickly and easily – without tools – allowing sport pilots to store their aircraft in a garage, or to use a simple trailer in order to tow the ICON A5 to the nearest airport or lake for that matter and the simple flying controls are comparable to that found in a sports car.

Safety has been paramount to the creation of the ICON A5 and its sublimely-fine-tuned aerodynamics was designed to prevent the pilot from losing control in the event of engine power loss (stall). ICON’s goal was to make a plane that would not spin during a stall, and the A5’s spin-resistant airframe is the result of careful engineering and testing by aviation veterans. The ICON A5 has been designed so that it will not descend quickly during a power loss, allowing the pilot the time and space for recovery. The ICON A5 also comes with an airplane parachute system for emergencies, and an easy-to-understand, single gauge angle of attack (AOA) system.

Most recently the ICON A5 was named the 2018 Light Sport Aircraft of the Year by, a leading online aircraft sales platform. This recognition was based on the A5's innovative safety features, leading-edge design characteristics, and enjoyable in-flight experience. Praising the ICON A5 for its commitment to safety and design, specifically noting the A5's Angle of Attack (AoA) indicator, ICON Parachute System (IPS), and Spin-Resistant Airframe (SRA). They also lauded the plane's versatility with its amphibious capabilities, foldable wings, and ability to be easily loaded onto a trailer and transported off airport.

Of course there are obviously limitations to what you can do with the ICON A5 - It hasn’t been designed to go far its range is just 491 miles and it isn’t built for speed (109mph is as racy as it gets) and it can only carry one other passenger but what it lacks in distance and speed, it more than makes up for in innovation.

A fully loaded ICON A5 costs from $389,000 which is still extremely cheap compared to that of a private jet, however ICON have recently introduced fractional ownership schemes with half ownership, priced at $225,000 plus a management fee of $1,500 per month which will give the owner 150 days use a year of the ICON A5 and for a cheaper option still, there is the quarter-ownership scheme priced at $125,000 with a $900 monthly management fee and this will permit the owner 75 days use of the ICON per annum.

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Article provided courtesy of LUXURY LIVING MAGAZINE


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