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Even in her 60's Barbie still remains to be the original influencer always at the forefront of the latest fashion and trends so it comes as no surprise that Balmain has once again teamed up with the iconic woman to unveil a limited edition fashion collection and exclusive NFT's...

Pink is the colour with Balmain and Barbie's latest collection Balmain x Barbie, a limited-edition 70-piece collection featuring ready-to-wear pieces spanning from 195 euro T-shirts up to 29,990 euros for a couture evening gown. The collection also features three NFTs feature Barbie and Ken avatars wearing different looks from the collection. Each NFT is paired with a set of Barbie-sized Balmain items.

The collection is Balmain’s second collaboration with American toy giant Mattel, creator of Barbie.

For this collaboration, we are building upon the new New French Style of Balmain’s most recent collections, once again showing that Balmain is inspired by the truly diverse and exciting beauty found on today’s Parisian boulevards and avenues. This collection also rejects any arbitrary gender limitations— this is an almost 100% unisex collection. For, just as today’s Barbie makes clear, there's nothing holding us back anymore!” - Olivier Rousteing

Bidding for the Balmain x Barbie NFTs begins Tuesday, January 11, on the Mattel Creations website. The ready-to-wear and accessories collection will be available from January 13 onwards at Balmain stores and online.


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