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After amassing billions of streams, Grammy-nominated multi-platinum global superstar Bebe Rexha is set to revolutionize the world’s fastest growing wine category with Provocativo, a brut sparkling Cava that embodies the perfect fusion of provocative flair and timeless elegance..

Already available in select retail across the U.S and online in 44 states, Provocativo is taking on the world as it launches this quarter. With a growth in the production of sparkling wine up 57% since 2002 and an expected growth of 7% annually for the category, this $42 billion category is projected to increase to $58 billion by 2028.

Bebe Rexha is now the largest shareholder in Provocativo, demonstrating a shift in the traditionally male dominated beverage alcohol industry. As a Cava drinker, Rexha fell in love with the taste and the brand ethos of Provocativo, seeing it as an extension of herself. An unrivaled talent with a charismatic personality, the Staten Island native plans to disrupt the sparkling wine category with the same bold attitude that she brings to the stage.

Provocativo is about courage, spontaneity, celebration and self-acceptance,” comments Hans Christian Holst, CEO, Provocativo. “The sparkling wine category is surging amongst the Gen Z, and no one better personifies this generation than cultural disruptor Bebe Rexha. We are here to transform the sparkling wine category.”

Provocativo is the first luxury Cava of its kind. Made using the traditional Champagne method, Provocativo is crafted with luxurious flair, embodying the bold and artistic vision of the brand. Bebe Rexha brings a fresh perspective and her bubbly personality to the sparkling wine category with the release of Provocativo, directing well deserved attention to the quality of Cava that is often unknown by the average consumer. 

“Cava embodies similar characteristics to traditional Champagne,” adds Holst. “Many people drink champagne, but those in the know (like Bebe) prefer the quality of Cava.” 


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