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At a press call in Hungary Lewis Hamilton suggested Fernando Alonso would make a good teammate for Max Verstappen and would be welcome to join the battle at the front of the field...

But our souces confirm that currently none of the top three teams would be interested in offering one of the current era’s best drivers back to the grid.

The two-time F1 world champion left the sport to pursue other racing adventures last year, but if the Spaniard was to return where would he go having burnt his bridges with most of the top flight teams. We can all remember the public spat that occurred between the Spaniard and Red Bull boss Christian Horner last year after the driver claimed that team had offered him the opportunity to replace Daniel Ricciardo, with Horner claiming Alonso wouldn't fit into the team dynamic at Red Bull, however this is something the Spaniard refutes. Alonso is also unlikely to return to McLaren after a dismal and acrimonious final season whilst Ferrari have also claimed they are happy with their current driver set-up.

If Alonso was persuaded to return to F1 he has already made it clear he would only return to top-level clubs such as Mercedes or Ferrari and with Bottas's seat possibly looking vacate in 2020 could there be a Hamilton / Alonso match up?

Watch this space for more news...

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