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Three races into the season and it seems in-house issues are once again plaguing Ferrari..

Pre-season testing looked so promising for Ferrari yet here we are three races into the new season and all the team has managed to accomplished is two third place spots while their rivals Mercedes have raced ahead clocking up three one-two victories.

More worryingly is the teams favoritism towards Vettel, in Australia the new boy Leclerc was told to stay behind Vettel, in Bahrain he was ordered to stay behind Vettel for at least two laps and most recently in Shanghai he was told to let Vettel pass.

Team boss Mattia Binotto has never denied that the team will give priority to Vettel in a 50/50 situation after all he is a four times world champion and the most experience driver out of the two but in backing Vettel t it looks like the team is sacrificing Leclerc.

Following the Shanghai race, Vettel faced criticism from the media and was clearly not impressed by the line of questioning "It's always a bit difficult, especially with what you make of the answer afterwards," he told reporters, "It's a pain to answer the same questions over and over," he said, adding that it was "never pleasant" when one driver is told to make way for a team-mate.

Last year Kimi Raikkonen was told to move over whilst leading the German Grand Prix

F1 returns with the Azerbaijan Grand Prix on Sunday, April 28.


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