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Under new rules to shake up the sport the FIA, Formula 1's governing body have reveled new sporting rules for the 2021 season ...

First and foremost there has been a huge overhaul to the style and design of the current F1 cars. The changes feature dramatic bodywork, simplified front wings and larger wheels resulting in the way F1 cars produce their performance from aerodynamic downforce. Under the new rules, cars will generate a far greater proportion of their overall downforce from under the car, and there will be a significant reduction in the number of external shapers around the bodywork. The idea is to reduce the effect of 'dirty air' from a car in front on one trying to follow behind.

The cars will also be approx 25kg heavier, than the current vehicle meaning they are expected to be about three seconds a lap slower.

There will be no changes to tyres and the cars will continue to use the current 1.6-litre V6 turbo hybrids, despite initial plans to change them .

Rules have also been put in place to limit car upgrades over the race calendar meaning, there will of course be standardized parts but the new rule has been put into place to stop the top teams from out-developing the mid- and lower range teams. This rule has also been implemented due to a cost cap, for the first time ever, F1 have introduced cost restrictions with a cost cap set at $175m per team, per year - this was a rule that

the three leading teams - Mercedes, Ferrari and Red Bull - vehemently opposed.

There is also good news for the fans with plans to increase the racing calendar to 25 per season


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