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Formula 1 is considering whether to introduce a new system of penalties for drivers who exceed the maximum number of power unit components.....

It has become a bit of a joke of late, following qualifying it seems that drivers haven't always started in there finishing position this is because drivers who use too many power unit parts receive grid penalties and are pushed to the back of the grid, so far this year 27 penalties have been issued most recently Max Verstappen was pushed back at Monza.

A proposal has been put forward to replace the grid penalty with a time penalty during the race, which would allow for the drivers to start in their qualifying position and allow for more strategic play.

Currently both Renault boss Cyril Abiteboul and McLaren boss Zak Brown have thrown there support behind the idea "I think a time penalty is pretty clean to understand. It doesn't really mix up the grid, you serve it at your pit stop. I think would be the simplest and least disruptive and easier to understand and add some excitement to the race." said Zak.

Another alternative being discussed is by adding ballast to cars that need to be penalized with a proposed scaled level depending on the seriousness of the offence (for example 5kg for a turbocharger change and 15kg for an engine change.

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