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Following the eight days of pre-season testing in Barcelona Lewis Hamilton believes Ferrari have a half a second gap to Mercedes.

Ferrari pulled out all the stops during the pre-season testing sessions and enjoyed a strong start setting the fastest two times, with Sebastian Vettel’s 1m16.221s set on the final morning of testing just edging out teammate Charles Leclerc by 0.01s.

Hamilton's best lap over the whole testing period was 1:16.224 a gaping three seconds behind Vettel.

I think the gap [to Ferrari] is potentially half a second. They’re faster on the straights than us, for example. Now, is that because they have their flexi-wings that they’ve had in the past that drops drag? Or are they more turned-up than us or are they just more efficient and just have less drag than us in general? Or are we heavier? So, we have no idea. We really won’t know until we get to the race." said Hamilton

Although he thinks the gap to Ferrari is a worry, Hamilton still retains confidence in the Mercedes team "Testing is testing. There's no reward for being quick in Testing."


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