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The future of F1 should not be decided by the teams!

In an unprecedented move Lewis Hamilton was allowed to attend a meeting held in Paris last week where F1 management, the teams and the FIA considered new rules for 2021 and after watching everyone go through the motions he believes the current system " was not fit for purpose and teams should not be allowed to shape decisions ."

Earlier this month, it was confirmed that the new 2021 regulations would not be signed off until October, a delay of over five months the original date was the end of June.

At present teams are discussing the direction the sport should take with FIA and Liberty Media, but Hamilton doesn't believe it should be that way, as teams will only be interested in acting on their own behalf.

"Ultimately the FIA, they're the governing body. They need to make all the decisions," Hamilton said. "The teams shouldn't be involved in that in my opinion. The teams all want to do something for themselves. It's the same thing with football if all the football teams sat in a room and said 'the sport should be like this', they would push and pull for their own benefit."

However, Hamilton admits that one change currently being discussed regarding the new cars is not something he encourages. Suggestion that the cars could be heavier, which Hamilton says will only worsen the current lack of on-track racing.


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