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Charles Leclerc who finished in P3 at the final race of the season in Abu Dhabi will keep his podium finish after a stewards investigation was launched following discrepancies in the starting fuel weight of his car...

FIA Formula 1 technical delegate Jo Bauer revealed at the start of the race a “significant difference” had been discovered between the quantity of fuel in his car and the amount the team had declared. “The fuel declaration of car number 16 was checked before the car left the pit-lane, and there was a significant difference between the declaration of the team and the amount of fuel inside the car.

Before the start of each race, each team must declare the fuel load in each car and it was discovered that Leclerc’s car contained almost 5kg more fuel than Ferrari declared.

The stewards decided against issuing a sporting sanction to the team and instead fined the team $50,000 for the infringement.

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