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Lewis Hamilton's wins his sixth F1 world title ..

Despite starting fifth on the grid Lewis Hamilton made it onto the podium at the United States Grand Prix meaning he also secured his sixth championship title and whilst he made it look pretty easy he has claimed that this season was one of is hardest as he had to fought personal demons along the way none more so than the death of Niki Lauda.

“Trying to remain focussed throughout the year, that is the toughest, and only really other athletes who are at the top of their game can really probably relate to it,” said Hamilton its been an “emotional rollercoaster.

Yet despite this Lewis has show the true grit that only a champion can, he is now the second most successful driver of all time, only one title behind all-time record holder Michael Schumacher who won seven. He also looks to take over Michael Schumacher titles of most races won with 83 race wins under his belt. Schumacher has 91.

So what's next for Hamilton?

With two further races to go until the end of the season, don't think Hamilton will let his fellow drivers have an easy drive and of courses then there is next year where Hamilton will try to make it four consecutive wins in a row and compete with Schumaker for the world's all-time best driver title.. We can't wait for the 2020 season to begin!!


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