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Red Bull team principle Christian Horner believes there are currently too many rules in Formula 1 and that the sports has become over regulated....

It was a tense few hours following Max Verstappen's race win in Austria because stewards decided to investigate his win following his clash with long-time race leader Charles Leclerc in the closing stages.

Verstappen's late overtake saw the pair bang wheels which resulting in Leclerc going off-track. Race stewards investigated the manoeuvre and after a 3-hour wait ultimately decided to take no further action, but this investigation and interference by stewards has not been a one- off this season, Vettal's was stripped of his win in Canada following a penalty.

While waiting for the stewards response Christian Horner spoke out stating " F1 drivers might as well stay at home if moves are penalized."

Vettel has also voiced his displeasure with F1 comparing the race today to that of when he first joined over a decade ago, "I think the problem is now we have so many rules that F1 is trying to put in writing what you can't put in writing. It's just a bit of a mess, I can't think of any other sport where case by case, things are exactly the same. Things are always a bit different. And in our sport, it's difficult to put everything and every possible outcome in writing. We need to simplify and give freedom to race each other."

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