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Several Formula 1 teams are demanding that Pirelli switch back to last year's tyre specification ...

Red Bull Racing and Ferrari have voiced their frustration time and time again with the 2019 Pirelli tyres, believing that the thinner tread introduced for this year favours rival teams.

The FIA called a meeting in Austria, team to discuss the move of reverting back to 2018 tyes but the decision was muted by a 50/50 split with half the teams wanting to stick with the current tyre choices on offer.

Both Mercedes and McLaren voted against the move with Mercedes team principal Toto Wolff stating it would be unfair to penalize those who have optimized their cars around the 2019 tyres with McLaren voting against the move with team boss Andreas Seidl claiming F1 should focus on other issues such as the huge gulf between the top teams and the midfield.

Renault’s Cyril Abiteboul also opposed the idea of a change halfway through the championship and claime dthe tyres are not the only reason why Mercedes is so dominant this season stating “changing the tyres in the middle of the season is never something that I particularly like, and I think it’s not by suddenly changing the tyres that Mercedes domination is suddenly going to go away."

Pirelli on the other hand are focusing their attention on the 2020 tyres to see if they could be fast-tracked to appease teams' unhappiness.


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