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Four-time world champion Sebastian Vettel says he doesn't care how he's remembered in the future, insisting that he doesn't need a long-lasting legacy.

With over fifty Grand Prix wins his last in 2013, his last in 2013, the final year of the V8 era, Vettel's spot in motorsport's hall of fame is most definitely guaranteed, yet the German is nonplussed to the legacy that he will one day leave behind.

"I don't care - I don't need a legacy," Vettel told Sky F1's Martin Brundle when asked how he wanted to be remembered. "I think, especially nowadays, the world is moving so fast - I don't need to be remembered. I'm not sad about it, it's good to move on. As much as I love tradition, and I'm a traditionalist, I'm against being stuck in a moment, or era. I think it's good to go on, it's good to go forward, we have to. I hope that when I'm older, I'm progressive - moving forward and not looking back."

Vettel who switched to Ferrari in 2015 is still on the lookout for a new championship win and is sure it will happen when asked by Brundle if he would trade one of his four Red Bull titles for a championship with Ferrari, the German dismissed the notion;

"Maybe I'm a bad dealer but I wouldn't because I'm convinced I can win with Ferrari," he said. "No need to trade!"

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