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The Teatro Circo Price will once again hosts the International Festival of Magic and event featuring the best magicians in the world & Illusionists from different countries who will create two unprecedented shows: the Close-up Magic show and the International Gala of Stage Magic.

This is a series of unique performances for limited audiences of 100 people for each show, providing an astonishing evening's entertainment featuring the most incredible card tricks, micro magic, close-up magic, illusionism, mentalism, and big magic numbers.

The main event International Stage Magic Gala, brings together illusionists of different nationalities and disciplines for a spectacular show.

This year’ participants include Read Chang (Korea), Hannah (Japan), Miguel Muñoz (Spain), Chaix Brothers (France), Ding Yang (China), David Burlet (France), Jorge Blass (Spain) and Vik & Fabrini (Brazil). 

Sala Parish houses the show titled Magia de cerca (Magic Up Close). A different style of magic where 100 spectators per show can enjoy performances of Card manipulation and Micro magic from up close, featuring international illusionists like Dania Diaz (Venezuela), Alberto de Figueiredo (Spain) and Charlie Frye (USA). 

The festival will also include Magic Conferences directed by Nacho Ares and as a new feature there will be a young talents competition.

Prices for the event:

International Gala of Stage Magic: €20-30

Close-up Magic: €22

For more information visit the official website HERE


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