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Monte Carlo is one of the fourth quarters in Monaco and is situated on a prominent escarpment at the base of the Maritime Alps along the French Riviera. A busy,

cosmopolitan city synonymous for its high-end luxury casinos and vibrant nightlife however; the wealth of the city extends far beyond the Place Du Casino as the atmosphere of extravagance can also be seen in its restaurants, bars and luxury boutiques.

For more than seven centuries, the Grimaldi Family has presided over the Principality of Monaco’s destiny. This remarkable longevity is a good illustration of the national unity between the Princes and the people of Monaco. An independent sovereign state, the Principality of Monaco faces the Mediterranean Sea and rubs shoulders with several municipalities in the French “département” of the Alpes- Maritimes (from west to east, Cap d’Ail, La Turbie, Beausoleil and Roquebrune-Cap Martin

Today Prince Albert II is the reigning monarch of the Principality of Monaco, and head of the Princely House of Grimaldi. He is the son of Rainier III, Prince of Monaco, and the American actress Grace Kelly.

Place du Casino

The Place du Casino is the attractive central square located in Monte Carlo Monaco

from where some of Monaco’s top tourist attractions can be found including the: Cafe de Paris, Grand Casino, Hotel de Paris & Hotel Metropole.

The world famous Place du Casino is ‘an international byword for the extravagant display and reckless dispersal of wealth’.

Hôtel de Paris

Situated in the very heart of Monte-Carlo on the famous Place du Casino, the Hôtel de Paris Monte-Carlo is a real “address” in the world of great French hotels. An extravagant pure-white swan of a building, the Hotel de Paris is arguably the true palace of Monte Carlo. Belle Epoque columns and spires adorn the facade; statuettes of nubile nymphs flank arched doorways and fountains, and a bronze statue of Louis XIV on horseback stands in the lobby, the horse’s knees rubbed shiny by over a century of superstitious gamblers.

Built in 1864 with the ambition to offer the best of an era, the Hôtel de Paris continues to symbolize this same excellence in the art of hospitality. Enchantingly situated on the Golden Square of the Place du Casino, with 182 luxurious rooms and suites and stunning salons for top meetings, the Hotel de Paris is heir to the spirit of Palaces. Historically, the Hotel de Paris catered to some of the most demanding guests, Winston Churchill, novelist Colette, and of course, Princesses

Grace and Caroline. The doormen are extremely formal and polite, if a touch forbidding in their Lagerfeld-designed outfits. The rooms are nice enough, especially the ones facing the Mediterranean, and all of them have massive marble bathrooms. You can spend an entire day on your bed gazing at the yachts and helicopters below, ordering turbot in hollandaise and caviar while your concierge books you a translator and secretary. But it is the downstairs that is truly spectacular. The cathedral-like lobby drips with gilt and even the men’s restroom is adorned with Louis XV chairs. The restaurant, Le Louis XV, features the three-starred

The Monte-Carlo Casino

This legendary Casino has been a cornerstone in Monte- Carlo success. Its architecture, history and the people who game here to gamble have all played their part in making

the Casino de Monte-Carlo a myth in the eyes of the entire world...

The Monte Carlo Casino is the natural home of premium gaming. Built in 1863, in honour of Prince Charles III of Monaco its glamorous ocean-side Mediterranean location, is the perfect setting for a premium casino. Located on the Place du Casino it is surrounded by beautiful olive groves and lemon tree orchards against a backdrop of the deep blue sea.

The stylish and elegant Casino de Monte-Carlo has always epitomised high-class gaming. The iconic building is a central feature on the route of the Monaco F1 Grand Prix, and also contains a ballet and opera house. The meticulous art-déco architecture has made it a landmark of Monte-Carlo, with an unassailable air of grace and panache, combined with the heady allure of exclusive high-stakes wagering. Casino de Monte-Carlo is inextricably entwined with the history of high-class European gaming entertainment. It is the acknowledged home of the most classic casino games, and of the most elegant and luxurious of all European casinos.

This is also where French roulette was first introduced in the 18th century. Casino de Monte-Carlo has become the most revered name in casino mythology. The rooms have been immortalized in films and popular cultural legend. The mere mention of a Monte-Carlo Casino instantly conjures up iconic, tension filled showdowns over the baccarat, roulette or poker tables. The suave, audacious style of James Bond in ‘Casino Royale’ is forever associated with its Monte-Carlo setting.

A little unknown fact is that cameras are strictly forbidden inside the casino's gilded rooms.


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