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Once again Madrid becomes a feast for the senses with a new edition of Gastrofestival that celebrates its tenth anniversary this year.

A festival dedicated to everything indulgent this is a great place to see how food and wine can be combined with other art forms. The varied 19-day-long program (3 days longer than previous editions!) will include participation of more than 450 venues and institutions. This annual event from 23rd January to 10th February 2019 promotes Madrid’s culinary offer and explores the connection between the culinary art and other art forms like painting, literature, music, film, theater, photography, design and fashion.

Restaurants, cocktail bars, produce markets, cooking schools, gourmet shops, kitchenware shops, museums, art galleries and clothing stores will all take part in this great festival where art plays a major role.

It is a full experience, a great feast for the senses that invites us to enjoy all the dimensions of food: special menus, culinary tours, cooking classes...

Numerous events revolve around the usual themes: Gastronomical Madrid, Gastroculture, Sensory Experiences, Enoculture, Gastrofashion, Gastrohealth and Charity Gastrofestival. One of the new features this year is the Gastrofestival Recommends section. As a part of the Gastronomical Madrid it will recommend special and most popular dishes of the most famous restaurants in Madrid.

Paying tribute to diversity and culinary wealth of the cuisine in Madrid homes and the knowledge of Madrid’s housewives, Gastrofestival has published a very special recipe book with 20 home-style recipes, each illustrated and with a history of the dish and its cook. As on other occasions, the municipal produce markets will also be present with different activities like workshops, talks and tastings. They will also be the best place to try the best cuisine and get your hands on some excellent fresh produce.

For more information visit the official website HERE.


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