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Spectacular Brabus WIDESTAR widebody version with carbon elements and hi-tech forged wheels with 24-inch diameter..

Ever since Brabus was founded in 1977, the color black has characterized numerous legendary supercars from the Manufaktur in Bottrop. For the 45th anniversary of the largest independent automotive refinement specialist in the world today, there is now a new model in the Brabus Monochrome design Series, which consistently celebrates this tradition in every detail.

The Brabus 900 super black based on the current Mercedes-AMG G 63 is a high-performance off-roader with particularly exclusive equipment features. The new supercar from Brabus (Brabus-Allee, D-46240 Bottrop, phone + 49 / (0) 2041 / 777-0, fax + 49 / (0) 2041 / 777 111, Internet is powered by the most potent engine from the company's hi-tech engine builders, the Brabus ROCKET 900 V8 engine.

The eight-cylinder with an increased displacement of 4.5 liters and two turbochargers puts out 662 kW / 900 hp (888 bhp) and produces a peak torque of 1,250 Nm (922 lb-ft), which is limited in the vehicle to 1,050 Nm (774 lb-ft) to protect the drivetrain. There are only a few sports cars that can match the acceleration of the all-wheel-drive supercar weighing more than 2.5 metric tons. A sprint time of 3.7 seconds from zero to 100 km/h (62 mph) is just as exceptional for an off-roader as is the limited top speed of up to 280 km/h (174 mph), depending on equipment and tires.

The all-black special model captivates visually with the strikingly styled Brabus WIDESTAR widebody version featuring a host of carbon components and 24-inch Brabus Monoblock Z "PLATINUM EDITION" hi-tech forged wheels.

The black color scheme in combination with sporty carbon highlights continues systematically in the exclusive Brabus fine leather interior.

The Brabus 900 super black special model impresses not only with its thrilling looks and exclusive equipment features, but above all with high performance in its purest form. The 900 in the model designation reveals that this off-roader is powered by the Brabus 900 ROCKET V8 twin-turbo, increased-displacement engine. It was designed based on the engine from the G 63 and is fitted with a Brabus engine cover made of red carbon fiber that makes it a visual treat as well.

The road to an extra 231 kW / 315 hp (310 bhp) over the base engine is the latest example of the Brabus philosophy of achieving more power through more displacement, a philosophy that has been successful for decades. In this case, the swept volume of the eight-cylinder, four-valve, twin-turbo engine is increased from stock 3,982 cc to 4,407 cc (243 to 269 cu. in.). This is in part achieved by increasing the cylinder bore to 84 millimeters (3.3 in), which Brabus does in-house with state

of-the-art machinery. The forged Brabus special pistons are tailored to this larger diameter. Special high-performance piston rods connect them to the precision-balanced billet Brabus special crankshaft, whose stroke was lengthened to 100 millimeters (3.9 in) to complete the displacement increase.

Supplying the Brabus engine with more air to breathe and more fuel also plays an important role besides enlarging the engine capacity. To this end, the engineers developed a special ram-air intake system for which two intakes were integrated into the exposed-carbon radiator grille on the left and right side. The grille sports an illuminated Brabus logo. The fuel supply is upgraded accordingly with special high-pressure pumps.

The forced induction system naturally also plays a tremendously important role in the performance increase. The production turbos are replaced with two Brabus special turbos that have a larger compressor unit and a special core assembly with reinforced axial bearing. They produce a maximum boost pressure of 1.4 bar. Two Brabus BoostXtra valves generate a thrilling blow-off noise when the driver lifts off the gas.

The Brabus engineers fitted the exhaust system with larger downpipes with a diameter of 76 millimeters (3 in), metal catalysts and special gasoline particulate filters. They complement the Brabus stainless high-performance exhaust, which can be identified by the black side pipes exiting in front of the left and right rear wheel arch. Its integrated electronically controlled butterfly valves offer an active sound management. The driver can activate a particularly powerful V8 exhaust note in 'Sport" mode or the subtle "Coming Home" mode at the touch of a button on the center console.

The Brabus engineers and electronics specialists also elaborately calibrated the engine electronics as part of the complex engine upgrade. The new maps for injection, ignition and boost pressure control were created conducting extensive bench tests and test drives. This ensures optimal power delivery, compliance with the stringent emission standards, and flawless durability. Brabus recommends high-performance lubricants from technology partner MOTUL for the entire powertrain.

The perfect interaction of all components and modifications produces outstanding performance figures. With an output of 662 kW / 900 hp (888 bhp) at a low 6,200 rpm and a gigantic peak torque of 1,250 Nm (922 lb-ft), the enhanced eight-cylinder delivers a superior driving experience. In order to protect the transmission, differentials and half-shafts, the torque is electronically limited to 1,050 Nm (774 lb-ft), which are already on tap at 2,900 rpm.

This results in the Brabus 900 super black delivering the performance of a full-blooded sports car on the road: From rest, the new Brabus supercar catapults itself to 100 km/h (62 mph) in a mere 3.7 seconds. Depending on equipment and tires, the electronic speed limiter does not kick in below 280 km/h (174 mph).

Priced from €725,900 / $825,000


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