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The first LE GEMME collection was unveiled back in 2014, showcasing beautiful Blvlgari bottles decorated with exquisite gemstones the collection fascinated perfume connoisseurs alike and two further collections followed. The latest collection by Bvlagri’s LE GEMME REALI is inspired just like its predecessors presented in stunning Murano glass bottles.

Inspired by the streets and canals of Venice the BVLGARI LE GEMME COLLEZIONE MURANO introduces 6 frangrances; Amarena, Calaluna, Lazulia, Noorah, Selima, and Zahira.

The Amarena fragrance is inspired by a floral fruit composition of cherries, roses and tuberose. Calaluna has a dusty quality combining sandalwood, lilies and and orange blossom. The Lazulia fragrance has an oriental mix of incense and agrawood while Noorah combines Vanilla and iris. Selima transmit a fiery character of spices, saffron and citrus while Zahira the final frangrance in the collection combines and heady collection of ylang yang with sandalnote.

Each bottle within the collection is handmade, numbered an designed to showcase the character of the frangrance held within its esqusite bottle.

LGemme Reali Murano fragrance collection is available now


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