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To celebrate the 500th anniversary of the death of Leonardo da Vinci, Pininfarina Segno have crafted an incredible object title " project Codex" conceived to preserve one secret object secure.

Fans of Dan Brown will recognize this devise as the Cryptex invented by Dan Brown in his bestseller novel and film " The Da Vinci Code". The name Cryptex, born from the union of “cryptology” and “codex”, is an imaginary device that inside conceals information, reachable by guessing the correct sequence of letters among those present on the rotating disks.

Crafted from aluminum and solid walnut wood, the device uses an ingenious cylinder which can be accessed exclusively by aligning the letters in the right sequence. Within the cylinder is an empty space which conceals a Pininfarina Segno stylus, as well as valuable information, or small personal objects.

Project Codex is limited edition of only 500 pieces, each priced at $812


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