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To celebrate the Chinese New Year Davidoff Cigars unveils the Davidoff Limited Edition 2022, featuring cigars, pipe tobacco and stunning accessories..

To celebrate the Chinese New Year and reward collectors of fine and rare cigars, Davidoff takes inspiration from the Chinese zodiac and presents an exclusive collection of Limited Edition products saluting aficionados born in the year of the Tiger.

For the tenth consecutive edition, the leading global brand of handmade luxury cigars has chosen a Connecticut wrapper leaf, which is a first for any Davidoff Limited Edition. To add yet more excitement the wrapper leaves were coloured with a natural process to bring the fur markings of the tiger to life on the cigar.

2022 marks the Year of the Tiger, a zodiac that is characterized by strength, energy and determination. Thanks to their sharpened senses and their awareness of their surroundings, people born in the year of the Tiger are always ready to seize an opportunity. They will choose a direction, make a decision and will not backtrack or regret. They are born leaders and this Davidoff Limited Edition cigar reflects the Tiger perfectly.

From masterfully creating a blend with a Connecticut wrapper as a first for a Davidoff Limited Edition cigar to designing a spectacular box inspired by the natural habitat of the tiger. On to accessories crafted by hand of utmost quality and exclusivity, the Year of the Tiger products are worthy of Zino Davidoff's pioneering spirit and are sure to fill the time beautifully of aficionados around the world."

The Year of the Tiger Cigar

A beautiful Connecticut wrapper was chosen for this Year of the Tiger blend for the first time for any Davidoff Limited Edition. This wrapper leaf was then treated naturally to bring to life the fur markings of the Tiger on the finished cigar visually. Presented in a 52 x 5 Piramides format this cigar is blended with three proprietary Davidoff hybrid tobaccos culminating in a new taste sensation. With its golden brown hue, this beautiful cigar experience is starting with energetic notes of pepper and cedar wood. A complimentary creaminess introduces notes of cacao leather and roasted nuts. Culminating in a surprising addition of honey the delightful journey is truly worthy of the Tiger.

Limited to 17'350 pieces worldwide, the Davidoff «Year of the Tiger» Limited Edition is presented in a spectacular box of ten cigars. Taking inspiration from the Tiger's natural habitat; the jungle. It comes with a transparent lid and carefully cut out trees creating depth and excitement while revealing the cigars. The golden Tiger, dynamic and determined, is visible on the front, hiding behind a tree while stalking its prey. Between cigar and packaging the Davidoff «Year of the Tiger» cigar is the ultimate gift for anyone celebrating the Chinese New Year.

The Year of the Tiger Pipe Tobacco

Presented in a vibrant red lacquered tin, the pipe tobacco blend is influenced by Asian taste profiles. An exclusive mixture of Latakia, Burley and Virginia tobaccos from China, India, Malawi and Cyprus. Additionally, the tobaccos have been carefully flavoured with a special musk aroma. Each tin is numbered and availability is limited to 5'000 pieces globally.

The Year of the Tiger Accessories

To further elevate this New Year's celebration, Davidoff presents striking «Year of the Tiger» accessories – an exclusive cigar leather case limited to 450 pieces and an energetic ashtray. The ashtray is limited to 600 pieces worldwide and numbered by hand. Both accessories bear the «Year of the Tiger» pattern, which highlights this collection.

From November 2021, the Davidoff Year of the Tiger Limited Edition cigars, pipe tobaccoand accessories will be available at select Davidoff Appointed Merchants and Flagship Stores around the world.


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