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No matter how often, no matter how much. You simply can't get enough of some things in life: heart-stopping excitement, a thirst for adventure and thrilling journeys. And where would be better suited to all this than the driver's seat of a Porsche? Where else would you enter a world full of adrenaline, while leaving the beaten track and pushing the boundaries. Maybe even your own.

This one-off Porsche World Expedition provides exactly that. And much more besides: unique experiences and a new view of the world – through the windscreen of a Cayenne, driven by a huge amount of horse power. Fast driving, challenging routes and certainly no standing still. Day after day, you will cover hundreds of kilometres – on six continents and in over 20 countries. Fulfil your bucket list while demonstrating maximum performance – in any terrain.

The Porsche World Expedition is a new experience format, combining extreme driving, maximum performance and intense challenges throughout the world. And pushing the boundaries for participants and vehicles alike. No two days are the same: you will enjoy a range of driving and nature experiences, along with a variety of accommodation – from desert camps to exceptional luxury hotels. And the Porsche Experience crew is always close at hand, to monitor the live progress of all the teams and quickly respond in an emergency.

In the form of a traditional rally, you will explore the six continents during our various bookable expeditions. And you won't be alone: every participant drives the Cayenne provided as part of a team. It's up to you whether you assemble your own team or join an international one.

In the form of a traditional rally, you will explore the six continents during our various bookable expeditions. And you won't be alone: every participant drives the Cayenne provided as part of a team. It's up to you whether you assemble your own team or join an international one.

What attributes do you need? Team spirit, stamina and the desire to win. Because every stage must be accurately completed within a certain time-frame – although the route planning is down to you. You drive independently of the other teams and can structure each day individually. With the help of a tablet and the unique Porsche World Expedition map app, you can also navigate your Cayenne to the world's remotest locations. All the teams come together to eat lunch and dinner, which can sometimes also be an adventure.

Together with a strictly limited number of participants, you will embark on a journey around the world. And perhaps of self-discovery. A unique adventure that you will never forget. Just like the contacts that you will make. Because what unites people more than a shared passion? Over 30,000 kilometres, spread over six bookable expeditions, will not only test the performance of the Cayenne, but also your driving skills and stamina. Because driving pleasure knows no boundaries.

Australia – This spectacular journey Down Under shows that the happy medium is not always a compromise. Follow the footsteps of the Aborigines – over 5,000 kilometres, from the calm and blue coast in the east, through the endless expanse and most remote places of the world to the outback, to be welcomed again by the ocean view in Perth.

Europe – Take a charter flight to the spectacular midnight sun at the North Cape, and pass through picturesque Scandinavian landscapes, idyllic European villages and arrive at the home of Porsche in Zuffenhausen. Continue the adventure to the high altitude and “dolce

vita" of Italy, before being rewarded with a phenomenal view of Mont Blanc.

Africa – Start a vivid and diverse journey through the raw and wild continent in Johannesburg and head onwards through Botswana and Zambia towards the jungle of Tanzania – to witness the great migration of millions of animals and face the wilderness of the untouched land.

Central America – From the Yucatan Peninsula to the steaming jungles of Panama, experience the changing landscapes from the cockpit. Our adventure starts in the Mayan heartland, snakes through the jungles of Belize, smoking volcanoes of Guatemala, charming colonial towns of Nicaragua, touches wildlife in Costa Rica, and the incredible coastline all the way to the Panama Canal. 8 countries from your bucket list!

South America – Over several thousand kilometres from Peru to Argentina, you will experience what happens when endorphins dance the tango. Sand dunes, salt plains, gravel roads, breath taking mountain passes – the pampas and high altitudes bring you to the limit, yet will prove there is still much to reach for.

South East Asia – An expedition that invites to indulge the soul – travelling in a dynamic Porsche. Travel through time from Bangkok passing Laos, historical sites, palaces, temples, old kingdoms all the way to the Himalayas and the Chinese Shangri-La.

In short: be it across snow, sand, tarmac, gravel or desert, all the expeditions have one thing in common: spectacular, challenging stretches and adrenaline-fuelled driving pleasure – under extreme conditions.

The Porsche World Expedition is for anyone who loves the extreme and meets every challenge. For anyone seeking adventure yet unwilling to take risks. For anyone who is happy to change their perspective and view the world through different eyes. And for anyone who regards the end of one adventure merely as the start of the next. A thirst for adventure simply cannot be quenched. But must be indulged. Kilometre after kilometre after kilometre.

Booking details and exact travel dates can be found on the Porsche AG homepage at


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