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Austrian based Migalloo Submarines are seemingly planning for a world reminiscent of that of the hit film Waterworld following the release of its conceptual submersible yachts and floating island.

Taking its name from the Migaloo whale and inspired by the Navy’s Zumwalt-class destroyers, the conceptual yachts which turn into a submarine are as one would expect super luxurious. Ranging in size from 72 M up to 283 M, the submersible superyachts are built according to class, flag and according to U. S. NAVY SUBSAFE safety standards with the styling of exterior, interior design and layout development completed according to the owners’ preferences and as one would expect come fitted with all the modern conveniences of a millionaire such as a helipad, deck pool, personal theater a two-story owner's suite with a private patio on the bow and plenty of VIP suites.

The Migaloo is offered in 4 series the M2 a 236 foot vessel was initially designed with the potential to be an underwater restaurant and bar, or a conference centre, depending on the client’s requirements.

The 442 foot ‘M5’ and 524 foot ‘M6’ feature three viewing galleries, a portside dining area, a wine room, a library, a lounge with bar at the bow, plus a starboard saloon. The living area spans three floors and includes a private bow terrace, while guests have six VIP suites to choose from both vessels also feature an outdoor pool and hot tub (accessible from the surfaced mode), a helipad, plus a wet garage with room for two 36 foot mini submarines.

Features & amenities include: helipad, wet garage for 2 mini-subs (11 M) and 2 dry hangars for tender & toys, outdoor pool/jacuzzi, gym, spa, cinema room, gaming room, wine room, library, elevator, several bars & semi-outdoor-lounges and beach clubs, interior layout and GA according to the owner’s wishes.

The M7 the world’s largest submersible yacht measures 738 foot and is influenced by the United States Navy ‘zumwalt-class’ destroyer. Capable of 40 knots on the water and 20 knots beneath the surface it features a 2100 sqm private owner’s area, a VIP/guest area in total of ~ 1000 sqm, and a VIP/guest accommodation area of ~ 400 sqm. The submersible yacht is also equipped with 6 Dry hangars for surface tender, air-tender, mini-subs & toys, various UUVs & AUVs.

Migallo Kokomo

Migallo has also revealed plans for a private floating island based on semi-submersible platforms. The island called Kokomo Ailand, is a moveable island and of course is customizable.

At 384 feet long, the floating island features a private owner’s penthouse 80 M above sea level, jungle deck with palm trees and vertical gardens, beach deck with entertainment pool & barbecue area, garden deck with al-fresco outdoor dining, spa deck with spa and beauty salons, large pool areas and waterfalls, 2 beach clubs including beach gym, underwater dining saloon, shark-feeding station, outdoor cinema, barbecue and outdoor stage, helideck & massive storage for tender & toys.

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