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German sports car manufacture Porsche together with the renowned Frauscher Shipyards in Austria have unveiled Frauscher x Porsche 850 Fantom Air an electric yacht that sets new standards on the water ..

Equipped with the powertrain technology of the forthcoming all-electric Porsche Macan, the electric yacht offers exceptional handling characteristics.

Porsche has adapted and further developed its drive technology designed for road vehicles for use on the water. The Frauscher x Porsche 850 Fantom Air uses components of the Premium Platform Electric (PPE) on which the new electric Macan is based. The technology includes a lithium-ion high voltage battery with a total capacity of around 100 kWh, a permanently excited synchronous electric motor (PSM) of the latest generation with a maximum output of 400 kW, and the related power electronics.

Porsche drivers are accustomed to being able to select the optimal drive characteristics for any situation with use of multiple driving modes. This is also possible with the Frauscher x Porsche, which offers the Docking, Range, Sport and Sport Plus settings.

Thanks to the 800-volt technology from Porsche, the electric boat can be charged with more than 250 kW of DC current at DC fast-charging stations. Under ideal conditions, the battery can be charged from a 10 per cent state of charge (SoC) to 80 per cent in well under 30 minutes. AC charging at conventional household and high-voltage sockets is also possible; an 11-kW charger is installed as standard.

But the electric yacht is not just powered by Porsche: Studio F. A. Porsche in Zell am See (Austria) was responsible for designing the helmstand. An original sports steering wheel from Porsche is on board. Five analogue gauges on the upper level of the instrument panel underline the Porsche look and provide an overview of the most important data. The two front seats have been redesigned by the team at Studio F. A. Porsche. In keeping with the high E-Performance, they offer plenty of lateral support. With raised backrests, integrated headrests and an embroidered crest, their look is inspired by the sports seats in Porsche sports cars.

The Frauscher x Porsche 850 Fantom Air is based on the Frauscher 858 Fantom Air day cruiser. It retains its 8.67-metre-long and 2.49-metre-wide hull almost unchanged and therefore also offers space for up to nine passengers. The swimming platform at the rear leads to a generous lounge area with two comfortable sunbathing pads. A central aisle connects the back end of the boat with the free-standing helm and the cockpit.

Two more upholstered benches in the front end are equally inviting for relaxation.

The initial plan is for an exclusive first edition of 25 units, which can be pre-ordered from Frauscher and are to be delivered to the first customers from 2024. Interested parties can register at


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