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Luxury airliner Emirates Airline has long been known for its frequent flyer programme but for the world's elite their hides a secret, invite-only service where members are exclusively handpicked by the President of Emirates, Sir Tim Clark..

For frequent flyers the Emirates Skywards memberships is the must have aviation program offering a four tier loyalty scheme from Blue, Silver, Gold and Platinum. Flyers are able to earn miles through flights with Emirates or flydubai and their partners around the world but for a select few there lies a secret, invite-only tier – Emirates iO

Chosen from a staggering pool of 30million members a mere 300 VIP's presumably high-profile figures, such as politicians, corporate leaders and celebrities who reportedly spend $1 million or above annually with the airline are handpicked and endorsed by the President of Emirates, Sir Tim Clark.

The perks iO members reportedly receive within a welcome package; an exclusive enrolment card, a new Mont Blanc wallet, an extra Gold card for any chosen individual, and a personalised welcome letter – all of which are hand-delivered to the member’s doorstep. In addition members can also benefit from complimentary tickets to top-tier sporting events sponsored by the airline, including Formula 1 races, football matches, and prestigious golf tournaments.

Being a member of this exclusive does come with a timelimit of two years which is subject to a review process for renewal.


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