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The city’s first silent cinematic theatre is being dramatically transformed into just 10 unique and spacious apartments for sale in Lisbon, just off the emblematic Avenida da Liberdade ..

Dating back to 1927 this iconic building, once revitalised, will offer a range of one to three bedroom apartments, each with generous sizes and clever interior design that maximises the use of space, light. As well as a brand new restaurant at the base of the renovated building, the development will also feature automated robotic parking.

Another advantage of these properties for international investors is that they are eligible for the Portuguese Golden Visa programme. This grants residency for investors and their family and paves the way to EU citizenship.

Why is this building renovation so exciting?

Aside from the incredible prime location, over three years of painstaking work has gone into the planning and architectural design of this impressive restoration and redevelopment.

Within a building that has the space to occupy a great deal more apartments, the developer has chosen against maximising the space for residential means and instead, is creating a small handful of unique and iconic properties and one incredible restaurant, which will last forever as totally unique pieces of real estate history.

What’s the investment potential?

This special area lies at Lisbon’s heart, with the capital’s most desirable avenue – Avenida da Liberdade – just a few metres away, across the beautiful Restauradores Square. Even though this area has already cemented itself as the prime avenue of the city, it is constantly evolving.

Hotels and boutiques are opening up near to this project including a slick 5* hotel, which will further benefit the area.

What else about Avenida da Liberdade?

Often compared to Paris' Champs Élysée, Avenida da Liberdade offers charming period architecture and baroque features, along with some of the world’s top shopping brands including Cartier, Chanel and Louis Vuitton.

Residents can take advantage of numerous gourmet restaurants, including the new one arriving at this project and they will still be within walking distance from all of Lisbon's most emblematic areas; Chiado, Baixa, Alfama, Mouraria

Presented by Athena Advisors the Odeon is priced from €1.17M - €2.45M


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