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Jamie Foxx changes the whiskey game with exclusive release of BSB Whiskey in partnership with WES Brands..

Fast-growing spirits incubator WES Brands, known for brand acceleration and innovation, has joined forces once again with award-winning actor, musician, and entrepreneur Jamie Foxx for the exclusive release of BSB Whiskey, an ultra-smooth flavored whiskey. Dedicating two years to the design and development of the new look and flavor, Brown Sugar Blend, affectionately dubbed “BSB,” is ready to debut and shake up the whiskey category. Foxx joins as brand owner and creative director.

Embodying the essence of bolder, stronger, and better, BSB Whiskey’s 70-proof liquid is a masterpiece that perfectly blends the aromatic spice of cinnamon with the rich, comforting sweetness of brown sugar. BSB Whiskey comes in dynamic new packaging that is as innovative as the whiskey itself. The sleek, matte black bottle proudly wears a “BSB” chenille letter patch on its chest that glows in the dark, designed to captivate and intrigue.

This unique, revamped touch ensures that BSB Whiskey stands out on the shelves and lights up any social gathering, making it the most coveted centerpiece of the night. 

BSB Whiskey is a key priority in the rapidly growing WES Brands portfolio. To support the national rollout, Naeemah Leonard, a 15+ year veteran in the wine and spirits industry, joins WES Brands as their new Senior Brand Director of Whiskey. Stepping into the newly created role as Senior Brand Director of Whiskey, Naeemah will support the company’s focus on the brand, having worked in brown spirits and managed many celebrity partnerships over her career.

BSB Whiskey blends and bottles in Columbia, TN. BSB Whiskey is sold in 750ml at 70% ABV and is available nationwide online and in limited quantities in the U.S. at select retailers for $24.99.


BSB, Brown Sugar Blend, is a flavored whiskey with just the right amount of cinnamon and brown sugar. At 70 proof, it’s ultra-smooth flavored finish makes it perfect for sipping, ideal for shooting, and sharing in your favorite cocktails. It’s Bolder, Stronger, Better! BSB Whiskey 750ml retails for $24.99 across the United States. For more information, please visit and follow them on Facebook & Instagram @BSBWhiskey.


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