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Ferrari unveils its new Autumn/Winter 22-23 campaign, translating the codes of speed and performance into a series of exclusive contents...

The aesthetic narrative of the fashion show is reflected in the campaign design, which glorifies the looks and the people at its centre, with the aim of pursuing and celebrating Rocco Iannone’s creative vision.

The images represent the new Ferrari Men and Women’s collection through the lenses of technological innovation and experimentation. The campaign explores the product by evoking the hybridation of forms and materials; the images themselves feature holographic effects where the subject seems to be blurred or in motion.

A subtle, magnetic charm pervades the futuristic atmospheres, blending the concrete quality of tailoring with the high definition of the electrical, digital world, and expressing the same attitude of speed embodied by the winter wardrobe.

Lines and borders get fixed or manipulated to bring out the play of light and shade in the background, while the elegance of textures and silhouettes stay dynamically impressed in the foreground.

The campaign video highlights the creative bond between fashion and technology, through the animation technique of 3D morphing. Frames, images, iconic elements and design symbols merge to make up a bold, multidimensional message, created by the collision and harmonic convergence of physical, abstract and virtual universes.

The new campaign celebrates Ferrari spirit and style, emphasizing the key role played by sartorial elements, glossy finishes and fine, responsible materials – including natural fabrics and organic recycled fibres, perfectly aligned with the brand’s sustainable approach.

Remarkable sections in the collection feature distinctive graphic prints derived from thermal scanner grids, from a hologram of the logo and an enlarged photo of technical filaments. Additional key themes of the season include a macro camouflage pattern, obtained by deconstructing and overlapping the Prancing Horse, the suits and the ‘looping’ knitwear inspired by the drivers’ uniform, interwoven carbon fibre and black crystals embellishments.

High-quality tailoring and experimental design come together in looks that are 100% Made in Italy, coupled with accessories like sturdy biker boots, metallic pumps and iconic mini bags with high frequency embossed details.


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