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Over 70 years and eight generations, Corvette has been innovated upon time and time again. And now, it’s been electrified for the first time with an e-AWD system that works in tandem with its LT2 V8 engine to give it the fastest 0 to 60 time ever for this legendary nameplate. But this latest Corvette isn’t made simply for performance it’s made for all-season touring too..

Petrol heads across American will wince in pain at the news that the all American Sports Car 'the Vette' is trading in it's petrol fuelled engine for electrification, however thankfully the 2024 model still remains true to its origins with a V-8 engine variation with a front-mounted electric engine making the E-Ray Corvette's first ever four wheel drive and one of the quickest.

Together, the internal-combustion engine and e-motor provide 655 hp meaning it can accelerate from 0-60mph in less then 2.5seconds. Unlike some other high-performance hybrid cars, the Corvette E-ray is not a plug-in hybrid. Its 1.9 kilowatt-hour battery pack, mounted in a tunnel that runs between the two seats, is charged as the car slows and brakes and, at times, while the car drives.

Featuring a host of functional design the E-Ray has wider fenders, quarter panels and fascias. The result is a sleek, sculpted presence with a number of aerodynamic and performance benefits. Standard ground effects and spoiler contribute further to its aerodynamic prowess, while matching body-color accents provide a refined look.

Carbon ceramic brakes are standard on the E-Ray. Carbon ceramic brake rotors are more resistant to “fade,” or loss of braking performance as the brakes heat up in hard use, compared to ordinary metal brake rotors. They are also lighter than metal rotors, something that was important in this case because of the added weight of the battery pack and electric motor.

The Corvette E-Ray will is priced from $104,300


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