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Supreme Jet Services is a NEW and dynamic luxury and business travel platform that makes

it faster, easier and cheaper to charter a private jet. Most recently CEO Tola Bashir was

awarded Best Luxury Travel CEO 2018 UK ...

Since its formation in 2017, Supreme Jets has experienced extraordinary growth. The company specializes in selling seats for ‘On Demand’ charters, and on ‘empty leg’ journeys, where private jets would otherwise be travelling empty it also enables users to charter their own private jets for exclusive use for immediate use meaning the jet can be airborne within just three hours. Customers can also bid for seats on private aircraft through the global Supreme Jets community – a service that will soon become available through a dedicated smartphone app.

Bashir, is a man with big plans for this innovative company, his goal to become a key player in the private aviation sector.

“Looking ahead, Supreme Jet Services will soon be a unique, dynamic, integrated cloud platform for ‘empty leg’ and private jet charters,” said Bashir. “My overall goal is to become the most renowned private aviation charter brokerage in the whole industry.

Once this has been achieved maybe one day I will look into becoming a fixed-based operator, and looking after my own and my clients’ private jets. These developments will ensure ongoing success for both myself and my company moving forward.”

Bashir is no stranger to hard work, establishing himself as an entrepreneur at the age of just 21 where he began his first business, building and selling computers. He then worked at a FTSE100 recruitment company, before becoming a director at a few other companies. It was at this time that he spotted a gap in the aviation market establishing Supreme Jet Services, and since then he has been fortunate to see his business go from strength to strength.

“I am very passionate about what I do and like to express that to whoever comes in contact with my company,” he says. “We are proud to work closely with our partners, and the same can be said for our customers. When taking on new customers and looking after repeat customers firstly and most importantly, we ensure customer satisfaction, something we pride ourselves on to help ensure everyone comes back to use the service again.”

Supreme Jet Services is located at Level 1,

Devonshire House,

One Mayfair Place, Mayfair,

London , W1J 8AJ


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