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Canadian architectural company Moon World Resorts has announced plans to construct a $5 billion resort that resembles Earth’s orbital cousin in the holiday destination Dubai ..

It is hard to imagine that less than 200 years ago Dubai was little more that a small fishing village, today Dubai’s skyline's is home to some of the worlds most spectacular buildings such as the world's tallest building the Burj Khalifa, the sail shaped hotel the Burj Al Arab, the stunning world islands and now the helix shaped Cayan Tower however all of these will be eclipsed if a new $5billion proposed resort shaped like a moon is approved.

The brainchild of Sandra Matthews and Michael Henderson of Canadian architectural company and intellectual property licensor, Moon World Resorts Inc. (MWR), the 'Moon Dubai' resort promises to be an out-of-this-world destination with everything from a hotel, spa, nightclub, events center, luxury residences, a ‘moon shuttle’ and a “lunar colony" designed to evoke the sensation of the surface of the moon.

In addition there will be private "Sky Villas", known as the private residence at moon which will grant owners access to a private members’ club on the property. The hotel will also accommodate a training platform for various space agencies and their respective astronauts as well.

If that doesn't sound amazing than what does is that Michael R. Henderson, co-founder of Moon World Resorts claims that the resort could be built within just 48 months.

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