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A gin created with 24 carat liquid gold..

Created by Liquid Gold 24 Carat Gin has no intention of being just another alcoholic beverage on sale; the purpose is to develop a complete sensory experience around the product, as well as to elevate it to the status of an opulent and exclusive lifestyle standard.

For centuries Gold has been used for consumption by the wisest and most successful people. In ancient Alexandria, 5000 years ago, it was considered a very beneficial mineral for medicinal and healing purposes. At that time, it was believed to stimulate the life force and boost the vibration level. Today, studies have shown that it is a unique trace mineral supplement with extraordinary features, which provides incredible value, significantly increasing the performance of our mind and body, and promoting a positive mood.

24 Carat Gin is made with a variety of botanicals, including lavender, anise seed, and, obviously, juniper and gold and is said to contain a crisp taste with a smooth finish that is not only satiating but also grand in every sense of the term.

Priced at $1350 a bottle pre-orders can be ordered directly from the brands official webpage. For more information visit:


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